Detail Devils® Wheel Cleaner

Detail Devils® Wheel Cleaner

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Nothing catches your eye on a car more than brand new looking rims! The Detail Devils® Wheel Cleaner tackles road grime like a champ.


Spray your rims with Detail Devils® Wheel Cleaner and use our woven micro-fiber towel to remove brake dust and whatever else the road has in store for you. When you want quick protection for your wheels, Detail Devils® Wheel Cleaner will also leave a protective coat of carnauba wax that resists grease and grime, and will give your rims a showroom shine! Contains no acids, abrasives, or petroleum distillates. Non-caustic and non-corrosive.

Directions: Simply spray on and wipe. For stubborn stains, let sit, and wipe with a cold water micro-fiber towel.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of water, surfactants (derived from corn, coconut oil and palm kernel oil), carnuba wax emulsion, food grade chelating agent and natural preservative.

Detail Devils Wheel Cleaner Ingredients

Bottle 100% Recyclable.

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